VCF Response to Crimes That Shook Britain: Victoria Climbie

VCF Response to Crimes That Shook Britain: Victoria Climbie


VCF – The Victoria Climbié Foundation applauds Title Role Productions, the film makers behind Crimes That Shook Britain: Victoria Climbié

Over the last decade so many have written about Victoria or tried to document the Victoria Climbié case, albeit with good intention very few had given it the justice it deserves. This programme has managed to do just that. The procedural approach highlights the impartiality, sensitivity and above all the respect and characteristic Victoria deserves.

Victoria’s case is widely known and discussed here in the UK and abroad and even today continues to be used as a case study for upcoming frontline staff within the Police, Social Work, Health and other agencies working with children and young people. Whilst many in this country are aware of the failings surrounding Victoria’s tragic death, and of the radical reforms to the child protection system following the public inquiry, few know the exact circumstances and perspectives of the people who were actually there.

Commenting on the programme, Mor Dioum Co-Founder and VCF Director said “For the first time in the history of this case a documentary piece has brought the key players together to constructively speak out about some very difficult moments both from a jurisprudence and systemic safeguarding perspective.”

The programme has achieved the Foundation’s aim for Victoria to be remembered as a person, not just a name. It was a well-researched, well-intentioned piece that was balanced and sensitive, for those who were involved, and for the family who are determined that the work of the Foundation continues, to seek improvements to the child protection system such that other children do not die in circumstances that mirror Victoria.


Crimes That Shook Britain investigates some of the country’s most horrendous murders through the eyes of people at the core of the crime. Together with reconstructions, key interviews and archive material to piece together the last moments of the victim’s life and how the fallout from the crime led to significant changes in British law.

By Title Role Productions.

Title Role TV; nominated for a Royal Television Society award in the North West for their programme on the Victoria Climbié case (September 2012)

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