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VCF Response to Crimes That Shook Britain: Victoria Climbie

VCF RESPONSE TO CRIMES THAT SHOOK BRITAIN: VICTORIA CLIMBIÉ VCF – The Victoria Climbié Foundation applauds Title Role Productions, the film makers behind Crimes That Shook […]

Witchcraft and Spirit Possession – A Community Perspective

The impact of globalisation in some African countries has driven people toward financial achievements. Everywhere is competing with wanting more, hence there is intense competition around […]

Does Britain need legislation to protect children from being labelled as witches?

That’s the question behind the Channel 4 Dispatches programme: ‘Britain’s Witch Children’. A 10 month investigation by the programme makers claims to unearth shocking evidence of […]

Serious Case Reviews: What is this fear by Social Care managers?

Print Version: Serious Case Reviews: What is this fear by Social Care Managers? The mere mention of the words ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ appears to have led […]
New data available for CALFB

Focus needs to be on the child, not on would-be adopters

The easing of restrictions on the adoption of children by parents who do not share the child’s ethnic background is an opportunity to tackle the shamefully […]