Engaging children and families; the role of advocacy within child protection – a pilot study

The VCF model of advocacy succeeds because it is pro-families and, at the same time, supporting professionals (especially social workers). Thus both family members and professionals […]

How safe are our children in a public protection system?

Embed from Getty Images VCF – The Victoria Climbié Foundation UK believes that far fewer children could be removed than is currently the case, particularly from […]

VCF promotes ‘Multi-agency Safeguarding’ publication

Multi-agency Safeguarding in a Public Protection World: A handbook for protecting children and vulnerable adults gives practitioners an overview of working in the sectors that keep […]

VCF supports ‘every child matters’ initiative in Jamaica

‘Every Child Matters in the Caribbean’ is a joint initiative between The Victoria Climbié Foundation UK (VCF) and One Step Forward Consultancy (OSFC) – a UK-based […]

We cannot continue to ignore race and identity within child protection

Ahead of a Channel 4 documentary called ‘Things we won’t say about race that are true’, former head of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, […]