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VCF in the media


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7 Sep: VCF rejects DfE consultation, citing concerns over child protection 


19 Oct: VCF supports calls to stop Schools Bill

18 Jul: Campaigners warn against ‘dangerous’ register of children not in school


23 Dec: The disturbing murder of a little girl and the vital legacy she left behind


11 Nov: Four cases of child abuse linked to faith every day in UK
30 Apr: The Reunion: Climbié Inquiry (BBC Radio 4)
30 Apr: International Safeguarding Children Conference for Ocho Rios
26 Apr: Several specialists for Safeguarding Children Conference


30 Nov: Greater awareness needed of faith/belief-based child abuse
30 Nov: Two thirds not confident they could identify abuse in church
06 May: 2nd Annual International Safeguarding Children Conference well received by attendees
27 Apr: Serious case reviews should shed light on constraints facing practitioners
Mar: Crossing the language barrier to provide culturally sensitive care
05 Mar: Southall award nominee: From the brink of suicide to inspirational life coach


18 Nov: Child welfare campaigners recognised with honorary doctorates
17 May: For the children (International Safeguarding Children Conference)
29 Mar: National plan launched to stop faith-based abuse
19 Mar: New research into child abuse linked to faith or belief
17 Feb: Celebrating UNESCO’s International Mother Tongue Day
08 Jan: Islington lawyer honoured for trailblazing work


08 Oct: MPS raises awareness of child abuse linked to faith or belief
10 Oct: Guidance released to help tackle rising child abuse linked to witchcraft and spirit possession
08 Oct: Extreme and violent ‘exorcism’ practices lead to record number of ritual child abuse cases
08 Oct: Police ready to go undercover in churches to find abuse
16 Sep: Child Protection services ‘too powerful’
22 Aug: Minister: listen to social workers – Gary Chatfield, HCL Social Care
21 Jul: One in five children’s social workers unaware of Children and Families Act changes…
17 Jul: Social worker knowledge gap ‘threatens care proceedings targets’
16 Jul: Campaigners raise fears about the future of social work
25 Mar: HCL Social Care partners with Victoria Climbie
5 Feb: Organisation representing Muslim family in lesbian adoption row ‘not confident’ in council…
3 Feb: Adoption of Muslim girl stopped after demo in Harrow
6 Jan: The Victoria Climbié Foundation; community-based with a professional face


30 Oct: Disgraced Shoesmith demanded 1.5 million; backlash over pay-out
01 Jul: Safeguarding boards to report SCR decisions to new expert panel
24 Jun: New Ealing school building could have flats over it
03 Jan: Health service abuse database must be comprehensive, urges ADCS

10 Dec: Hackney Social Services condemned over failures after mother kills children
21 Nov: Fear of witchcraft fuelling child trafficking to the UK
02 Sep: Plans to tackle witchcraft-based child abuse welcomed
14 Aug: Government tackles abuse of children accused of witchcraft
14 Aug: Witchcraft-based child abuse: Action Plan launched
14 Aug: Action Plan to stop child abuse in the name of faith or belie
01 Mar: Accusations of witchcraft are part of a growing pattern of child abuse in the UK

26 May: Failure to hold SCR over boy’s death undermines child protection
17 May: Professionals get specialist help to safeguard ethnic minoritychildren | Full transcript

9 Nov: Children put at risk by failure to engage men in protection cases
26 Jul: Channel 4 Dispatches ‘Britain’s Witch Children’
10 Jun: Government orders another child protection review
26 Feb: Co-operate to protect children says head of Victoria Climbie Inquiry
24 Feb:Victoria Climbié Foundation wants SCRs published in full
24 Feb: Victoria Climbié Memorial event tomorrow
23 Feb: UK Parliament Early Day Motion
09 Feb: A voice for the voiceless

20 Nov: VCF welcomes UNCRC 20th anniversary
11 Nov: VCF cautiously welcomes ContactPoint national rollout
6 Oct: Why Head of Children’s Services should have resigned
20 Aug: City Council still failing children at risk of abuse
22 Jul: Toddler Casey could have been saved
13 Jul: Channel 4 Dispatches ‘The Children Britain Betrayed’
02 Jun: NSPCC apologises for home school abuse comment
12 Mar: Child Protection reforms must be put into practice — Laming
26 Feb: Is the Government right to be concerned about home schooling

20 Nov: Murdered woman’s daughter was ignored for six weeks…
18 Nov: Inquiry over dead mother concerns
17 Nov: Baby P Haringey Council broke its own rules on caseloads for social workers
11 Nov: Baby P case is worse than Victoria Climbié abuse | Haringey Council did not learn lessons
11 Nov: Review ordered after abuse death | ‘Safety Net’ failed tortured baby | A Short Life of Pain
11 Nov: Baby ‘used as a punchbag died despite 60 visits from social services
11 Nov: Haringey child abuse: This was extreme incompetence
11 Nov: Men found guilty of baby’s death
29 Oct: Children’s Trusts ‘not effective’
9 Sep: Mother kills baby placed on risk register
17 Jul: Failures allowed mother to kill
26 Jun: Eunice Spry victim counselling abuse victims
28 May: Climbié lessons ‘not yet learned’
23 May: Death of Khyra Ishaq 7, sparks calls for full inquiry
24 Apr: Conference questions professional practice
28 Jan: I want full story on my children’s murder, says father
24 Jan: Father’s torture of young boys
24 Jan: Parents of tortured children fled probe in Europe
22 Jan: Child Protection plans ‘failing’
22 Jan: My two children should be alive
22 Jan: ‘Deadly Care’ (BBC Radio File on 4) – Transcript  
16 Jan: Victoria: The Legacy

13 Nov: VCF head calls for child protection probe
25 Oct: VCF responds to government decision
20 Sep: VCF awarded special initiative funding
07 Sep: VCF joins live televised debate
11 Aug: Outcry after Leticia’s brutal killers given life
10 Aug: Call for Public Inquiry
03 Aug: Stepmother guilty of baby torture
21 Mar: Blunders left foster mother free to torture
Feb: VCF condemns Westminster Council over Child B
04 Feb: Fury at new Child Abuse case