Who or what is supporting children’s rights to care and protection?

Who or what is supporting children’s rights to care and protection?

The role of Children’s Commissioner was created under the Children Act 2004, following the Victoria Climbié child protection inquiry, and strengthened in the Children and Families Act 2014, with a legal mandate to protect children’s rights, views and interests…

Anne Longfield is reportedly set to step down as Children’s Commissioner for England in February 2021 after six years in the post. Yet how many are aware of this commissioner or indeed her predecessor.

Since its inception in 2003, VCF – The Victoria Climbié has neither met, nor been consulted by either commissioner – despite being at the forefront of political debate with most children’s ministers – with the view to highlight and share grave concerns of the communities we serve.

Increased media reporting of the commissioner’s work in recent times, often with spurious headlines and sound bites from latest reports has led many in the sector to wonder why the lack of robust challenge or strategic support for those working with children and their families.

What really has the Office of the Children’s Commissioner achieved when the UK is badly failing its children – and so few have benefited or are aware that this role exists to champion their rights…

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