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VCF have been there when services around my children failed them | Level of service provided is excellent, it caters for all aspects of our case with superb efficiency and warmth |  I could not ask for any more supportive and compassionate service from the VCF. I feel respected and understood | they supported me throughout my court case till I got my daughter back | Amazing service form amazing people | Rapid response, reliable and supportive | always ready to support and advice | not only are VCF supportive but they understand the complexity and minefield which are children and young peoples service | Very Insightful and supportive people helped me | The Staff at VCF was always happy to help and do things for me without many delays | [team member] was very skilled in helping me to write professional letters to social services and showed me empathy whilst listening to my experiences | The staff offered me professional advice and were very easy to understand my situation quickly | I valued the fact that VCF is approachable, I was listened to and caseworker attended court with me | they wrote letters on my behalf to parties involved and came also along with me to court | They are always supportive but also have been advocates with the court and services sometimes speaking when people were reluctant to | VCF has helped me with housing issues, advocating for me. VCF know myself and my daughter and they understand and listen and do not judge | I would urgently recommend the services of VCF to all others who could benefit from it when in need | I would definitely use VCF again when in need but god forbid I don’t come into another problem again | I still need VCF services because my daughter is still at risk of witchcraft and spiritual practices but social services and the court have failed to recognise the threat | I would continue to use the service that VCF offer until I knew that my children were safe | I will continue to rely on the VCF as their belief in me and my child has been essential to my healing | Very helpful, they listen to us and the support provided is amazing | I had a good first experience with VCF | Since me and my children have been going to VCF we have benefitted a lot e.g. Advice, support etc. My children still go to see the team and I know if I needed help, support or advice in any matter VCF team would be there to help. Couldn’t thank them enough | In the situation I have been in, it is important to have someone who believes you and will back you. VCF has been there for me many times and has helped me have faith in myself and the parenting of my daughter. Their positivity for me has helped me so much when I have doubt myself. Thank you | I would like to thank and appreciate VCF for the support and help they offered me all the way during my case. It would not have been easy without your help and advice I received | The services which are unparalleled are the immense patience, warmth and understanding shown to us and our children when we are occasionally unable to attend sessions on time |


Service User Feedback – 2014

VCF have been there when services around my children failed them | Level of service provided is excellent, it caters for all aspects of our case […]

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