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Witchcraft and Spirit Possession – A Community Perspective

The impact of globalisation in some African countries has driven people toward financial achievements. Everywhere is competing with wanting more, hence there is intense competition around […]

Does Britain need legislation to protect children from being labelled as witches?

That’s the question behind the Channel 4 Dispatches programme: ‘Britain’s Witch Children’. A 10 month investigation by the programme makers claims to unearth shocking evidence of […]

Serious Case Reviews: What is this fear by Social Care managers?

Print Version: Serious Case Reviews: What is this fear by Social Care Managers? The mere mention of the words ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ appears to have led […]
New data available for CALFB

Focus needs to be on the child, not on would-be adopters

The easing of restrictions on the adoption of children by parents who do not share the child’s ethnic background is an opportunity to tackle the shamefully […]

Effective child protection doesn’t need to be costly

There are few phrases more likely to invoke the ire of professionals working in children’s care, than ‘in the current economic climate.’ In just five words, […]