Protecting Children across Culture and Faith – Putting Guidance into Practice

VCF Protocol Protecting Children across Culture and Faith 2014

Our in-house training programme gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the specific issues affecting your staff and also helps staff share ideas and knowledge.

The benefits
At VCF, we recognise that every organisation is unique so a standard approach doesn’t always work. Our in-house training programme gives you the opportunity to concentrate on the specific issues affecting your staff and also helps staff share ideas and knowledge. Whichever course you need delivered, our trainers will adapt it to the specific needs of your organisation so that your staff can focus on topics that are relevant to them.

In addition to our extensive public training programme, we are also able to offer any of the courses on an in-house basis and, if necessary, tailor any course to cater for more specific requirements. With the training being delivered on your doorstep, we are able to provide equal support and information to all delegates.  

All our trainers are experts in their field, which enables them to deliver a learning experience that combines both knowledge and expertise to add real value to your organisation.

Cost effective
Face-to-face elements of the programme take place at your own premises, there is no travel, time away from the office or the unrelated expenses often associated with our public courses. The fixed fee cost model makes it possible to train staff at a very low cost per person. It is an efficient use of your training budget and can be co-ordinated in and around busy work diaries more efficiently. 

As clients are able to arrange a date that is most suitable to them, it provides the ultimate flexibility for training to fit in with work demands.

Immediate impact
By studying in familiar surroundings and with colleagues, learning is more effective. Not only will delegates feel comfortable and able to question and introduce topics for debate, but sensitive information can be shared and used as concrete examples during the course in complete confidence.

Our diverse ranges of training courses focus on “Safeguarding Vulnerable Children and Young People in a cross‐cultural context”.

General Courses

  • Cross cultural working & effective engagement with BME children and families
  • Influence of cultural and religious practices on parenting and child rearing within the BME community

Specific Courses

  • Safeguarding children from physical chastisement and neglect
  • Impact of Domestic Violence on children
  • Strategies to better safeguard children in highly diverse children
  • Private Fostering and Kin relationships
  • Safeguarding children involved in Gang Activity
  • Female Genital mutilation (FGM)
  • Forced Marriages and Honour Crimes
  • Child Trafficking

Contact us
If you would like to discuss the option of in-house training please email us at or telephone 020 8619 1191